False Lighthouse: a false coastal light (or the  extinction of a light) which lures ships onto rocky shores. Nautical  legend has it that wreckers deliberately decoyed ships onto coasts using  false lights so that they crashed ashore for easy plundering.

Comprised entirely of vernacular photographs from the Peter J. Cohen Collection, False Lighthouse is Eban’s layered examination of photography’s material and metaphysical attributes.

The design of this book pays homage to Virginia Woolf’s seminal work To the Lighthouse,  a novel which functions almost as a psychological poem, straining against the restrictions of traditional narrative and playing with our perceptions of time. Woolf described the structure of her novel as if it were a letter H, or “two blocks joined by a corridor.” False Lighthouse, too, exists on parallel planes, with the two essays at the center by Leah Ollman and Anna Lee bridging the divergent photographic narratives that flank them on either side.


Published by Meteoro Editions in 2019

9 x 7 in.
104 pages
First Edition - 500

Texts by Anna Lee & Leah Ollman

Available in the U.S. at Spaces Corners and Seaton Street Press

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